QHY Group is a public trading company focusing on providing wastewater treatment technology and solutions. The company is founded in the US, and provides efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment solutions in PFAS removal, oil & gas hydraulic fracking production, decentralized domestic wastewater treatment, animal farm effluent treatment (hog, chicken, fish, cattle, etc.), and other fields to the U.S. and the world.

QHY has patents exclusively licensed from its chariman and CEO Max Mao and has been granted the worldwide exclusive right to use 2 international patents and 19 Chinese national patents covering a variety of compound compositions, processes and equipment which can be used to treat various types of wastewater.

"QH®" series of sewage treatment products developed from new biological ion separation technology will custom the different control solution for the different sources and types of sewage, and allow the enterprise to reach the emission standard with less cost and without secondary pollution.